Our Mission & Purpose

Scholar Sync is devoted to creating a diverse community of scholars with a focus on classical education through the accessibility of a digital platform. Our purpose is to inspire students to become thinkers that will define their generation.

What Do We Do?

Scholar Sync is a source of deep thinking and learning. This includes stories, ideas, and articles from young philosophers allowing them to plot their ideas onto a page. The goal is to inspire other young people to become deep thinkers and change the way people think for generations to come. Students have a unique view of the world and now have the ability to share it with the creation of Scholar Sync.

The Trinity Academy Chapter – The Gamgee Conversations

Together we will find the world of answers.

Who Are We?

James Ranieri | Host / Author
Nolan McKenna | Author
Andrew Darragh | Author
Vivian Gunnels | Author
Anne Walker Wall | Author/Outreach