“Once in our world, a stable had something in it that was bigger than our whole world.”

This quote once stated by the literary genius C.S. Lewis is something essential to remember on Christmas Day. In the smallest place, a stable, a child that would change the rest of mankind, was born. Everywhere you look during this season, we see manger scenes, hear carols about the birth of a King, and even say Merry Christmas which inherently has the word Christ in it. But when you think about it I doubt Mary or Joseph fully understood what they were getting into on that day, nor did anyone else who gathered around the manger scene. Honestly with all the buzz around this time of year do we ever just stop and think about it. Jesus, God the Son, came down to earth in a manger yet it doesn’t stop there. How often do we talk about how much faith it took for Joseph to believe in the truth of a virgin birth? Furthermore do we think about how Jesus parents had to flee for their child’s life based solely on a dream? Time after time we see Mary and Joseph having faith in the God and his promises. What happened when Jesus was born was miracle after miracle in and of itself, but it is also a good reminder that even that this iconic story wasn’t a perfect set up. Many time we find ourselves stressed out about the smallest details. We often expect everything during this time of year to be perfect from the lights, to the family photos, to the cookies we bake. But that isn’t always going to happen. We as humans are flawed. But the one thing in the story that remains perfect and without flaw is the child, Jesus Christ. As cliche as it sounds, we have to remember to keep Christ at the center of our celebrations. Maybe you’re like me and your lights fell down, the house has been chaotic, and you’re still wrapping presents late Christmas Eve. That’s okay. Allow yourself to be human. Maybe everything went perfectly and your best laid plans succeeded, praise God for that as well. No matter how your day goes remember that the little person in the center of the manger scene may look small but has power and grace greater than we can ever imagine.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gamgee Readers!

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